Pocedures and Policies


Airport Pick-up:
Thank you for choosing Limousine Express services! Please go to the limousine dispatch booth located on the sidewalk, outside the airport building and ask for your Limousine Express. Your limousine should arrive within a few minutes as it is not allowed, for practical reasons, to park in front of the airport.

We allow 15 minutes for a pick up. For an airport pick up, we will give 30 minutes for a domestic arrival, 45 minutes for an International arrival. Past these delays, the car will remain there but we will charge waiting time at the usual hourly rate.
If we can track the flight, a late arrival of a commercial flight is not considered as a delay.

Regular Services:
Waiting charges apply 15 minutes after established pick-up time. Additional waiting time: Hourly rate of selected vehicle in 15 minutes segments.


  • In Two (2) hours advance notice: No charge.
  • Less than (2) hours advance notice: Charges according to order on hand.
  • "The client does not show": Charges according to order on hand.

Cannot find your Chauffeur?
If you don't see your chauffeur please call at (514) 238-2972, failure to contact us, hold client responsible and will be consider as no show and charged at full rate reserved.